Hey there, I’m Daniel and I’d like to be your newest third wheel.

 I recently arrived back to Australia from living on a boat in the northern Atlantic Ocean for 8 years with my wife (Jess). We were sailing between tropical Caribbean islands and the Mediterranean Sea documenting adventurous hearts along the way. I consider myself a bit of a nomad that loves taking lionhearted couples on adventures off the beaten tracks, where I can capture the rawness and beauty with no interruptions.

To simply say ‘I love what I do’ would be an understatement. For me, photography is more than just pointing a camera. I am dedicated to process. From capturing the quiet intimate moments happening between a couple to thoughtfully amplifying that moment in editing.

Artists are always seeking new methods of expression, new sources of inspiration. So I spend most of my creative time looking outdoors and wondering how to create a different perspective for my couples. Before taking photos I always stop and think, “A thousand photographers must have taken this same shot, so how can I give it structure and strength to add my own unique style to the image?”

 I believe travel photography broadens one’s view of the world. Experiencing other humanities, countries, cultures and beliefs gave me another outlook in connecting with my couples.

 I have combined my Travel and Wedding photography to create a layer of storytelling that gives the overall essence and emotion through its depth of field and visual diversity. My goal as a photographer is to inspire my clients through seeking new methods of expression. When meeting newly engaged couples and hearing their journey, it inspires me to want to capture their unique day. My style of capturing weddings is relaxed, with a documentary style, utilizing natural lighting to give the images warmth and true love.I consider myself more of a storyteller. I find the perfect in imperfectness. I find the smiles in natural moments. I find the realness in rawness. I find a story in every couple.

I’d love to capture and create a visual love story for your Wedding day! It’s my priority for you and your fiancé to feel relaxed and be reassured that your day will be told the way you have always dreamed. I try to blend into your day and make photos a fun experience while documenting all your authentic moments! If you live on the Gold Coast and love coffee, let’s catch up to see if we’d be a good match.